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Ode to Linda
In the Greenfield Library
At the circulation desk
There is a kind and sweet lady
That's caring and funny
With a pep in her step
Almost like a penguin tap dancing.
She dons her green and gold attire
When it comes to Packer Games
Encouraging us to show team spirit
Be it a green shirt or a yellow ponytail
Team colors come in all forms to show support.
When she needed something clarified
If a patron returned it or not
She would ask me to work my magic
To locate what might be lost or can be found
For I had a knack for reporting and finding
What might be lost or bringing the item to her.
Her favorite animal is a penguin
Shown on her locker and on a sweater
To a cute candy dispenser that I got
In the White elephant exchange last year
And still have it to this day to remember her by.
When we heard she was retiring
We make cookies
Decorate the cabinets
Theming the memory book
In honor of her penguin critter.
We will never forget you Linda
It may have been 18 years
Since you worked at the librar
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 0 0
Christmas Time Again
It's Christmas time
Snow is falling
Magic's in the air
As it's that time of year again.
Stars twinkling in the night
As the Christmas lights shine bright
On decked out christmas trees
As the ornaments shine
While the tinsel glistens.
A time for believing
In the magic of Christmas
Anything is possible
Dreams can come true
During this magical holiday.
Friends and family
Gather together once more
Reuniting for the season
Recalling tales of old
While making memories of new.
A time for giving
Helping those in need
Bringing a smile to their hearts
Changing a life one at a time.
I wish you a Merry Christmas
Happy holidays and a happy new year
A greeting may sound different
But it all links to Christmas
No matter how we celebrate it
It's still a magical holiday for all.
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 3 19
Red Devil Lies
Mindless Sheep who follow the Dark Ram to the cliffs!
You who think that this devil who dons a fake wig
will be the one to change things!
You are blinded by the lies
that he shoves down your throats!
Greedy wolves who can't foresee
the danger and consequences
Our Fore Fathers turn in their graves
Disgraced and disappointed
At what shall unfold!
Of how our beautiful nation has become
Our America is no longer brave and free
It is full of despair and disorder
Don't let riches and false promises
Steer you from making a future better
At the hands of someone better
Than the Red Devil that opposes the Blue Angel!
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 2 0
Spirit of Halloween
Spirits roam the graveyards
Monsters are on the prowl
Witches cast their spells
Riding their broomsticks
Across the clear midnight sky
Chackling with wicked glee.
Humans shrouded in costumes
To blend in with the ghouls and gals
That come out this sacred night
Going door to door to each neighborhood
In search of temptating sweets
As they utter the magic words: trick or treat.
A night for scary tales
A day to remember the departed
A celebration to honor Fall
A day to celebrate the wonder
That makes Halloween so magical, yet mysterious.
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 4 5
Deviantart 16th birthday art :iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 3 0
Ode to Joel
No matter the weather
Be it stormy or snowy
It is always sunny
At the library
When your smile
Brightens the day.
Hardworking and dedicated
Reliable and Dependable
Creative and comical
Friendly and Plucky
Optimistic and Goofy.
Whenever you needed help
He's always there to lend a hand
No matter the task at hand
He'll get it done in a flash.
If you ever needed a prop
Created for an event
He'll get right on it
And surprise you with the results
It makes average play props
Look like child's play.
He always asks everyone
How their day is doing
Always the conversation starter
Be it telling a funny story
Or talking of simple things
He is quite the social bumblebee.
He has forged strong bonds
With those around them
Be it from long ago to recent
And we are happy to have such a bond
Of friendship with such a unique guy
Who changed our lives in his own way.
You are one of a kind
There won't be another
Like you at the library
You will never be forgotten
For you will always be with us
In spirit and i
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 0 0
Bonds Between Worlds
I'm a dragonfly
Who flies alone
Yet in life
This dragonfly
Wants to fly
In a group than solo.
Though there are times
I want to be alone
To be with my thoughts
Have some serenity
But what is harmony
Without discord?
I envy the people in reality
Who have somebody to be with
A pack to run off on wild adventures
I just wish they could invite me
Along for the ride-even if it was for a day
To feel like that I belong with them.
I want to connect to people
But it's tough to form a bond
Like tying together a rope
To make a perfect knot
When I try to make one
It just looks distorted.
Is it because of my ADHD?
Is it because of my uniqueness?
Is it because I cling too much?
Maybe it isn't because they don't
See through the shell of a clam
To see the beautiful pearl within.
Reality can be tricky
Digitality is much easy
For I know I have people
Here in the digital world
Who welcome me with open arms
There for me if I ever feel down.
But Reality isn't bad either
For as an old saying goes
Your more ha
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 4 2
See You Next Summer
The darkness has lifted
Light has returned to a tiny town
Normality has returned
With a hint of weird
Normal and Weird united respectedly.
The Pines Family reunited
Stan Pines made the ultimate sacrifice
He gave his life to destroy Bill
But with his family he was brought back
With the help from a memory book.
The town came to celebrate the twins
Enemies turn over to new leaves
To become eternal friends
And two brothers reconciled
Ready to respark their old dream
To sail across the world.
Soos became the owner of the Shack
And he won't be alone to run it
For his love Melody is by his side
Along with Abuelita who settled in quick.
As the sun begins to set
It was time to part ways
Everyone said a tearful goodbye
As they would miss their friends and family deeply
But at least Waddles will be with them.
What a wild summer it has been
For the Pines Twins
One summer they'll never forget
Though the memories remain
New ones will be created
For goodbye isn't the end
It's just a new chapter in li
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 62 33
Take Back Gravity Falls
Chaos has ensued amongst Gravity Falls
Bill has been freed from his dimension
His minions roam the land freely
The citizens have been turned to stone
Only to be turned into a throne
For the satistic ruler of the realm.
There seems to be no hope
No place to call home
Nowhere to hide
Nowhere to go
It's hopeless.
But within this chaos darkness
A shooting star of light
Shatters the night sky
Bringing hope and salvation
That the madness is soon to end.
The mighty tree stands strong
As the mystery of Bill's plans unravel
A small group of unlikely heroes rise up
Ready to take the fight to Bill
To save their beloved town.
Bill may think he knows their tricks
But he'll be soon in for a surprise
When he sees just how powerful
That these mortals can be
When they work as one.
A great battle shall ensue
Between Weird and Odd
Extrodinary and Ordinary
Insane and Sane.
What will the outcome of the battle be?
What will become one of the Pines?
Who will win this grand battle?
Will the universe be saved?
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 21 3
Ghost in the Crowd
I see it almost every day
People passing by each other
Crossing paths without connection
Criss-crossing up and down
Almost like an escalator at the mall.
Here I stand against the snow-white wall
Just glancing and watching people
Going about their business
As they go about life.
They keep moving up and down
Yet there are instances
That there is a click
Almost like linking keychains together
When I see good old friends chatting
As they walk and sip smoothies.
I wonder what it's like to have that
To just talk silly things and drink smoothies
On a lovely spring day, yet why does it seem cloudy
When I look around and see nobody beside me
Nor anyone taking notice of being there.
No matter where I go in public
To my favorite hangs and haunts
Nobody seems to recognize me
Nor acknowledge I'm there
Almost like they don't see me
Am I just invisible to them?
When I try to raise my voice
To let them know I'm here
Their voices swallow my own
I try to step out to show
But they pass through me.
Why do
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 0 0
The Rarest Treasure
More valuable than any jewels
Finer than any China
Precious like an heirloom
Yet it can't be held.
Shines brighter than gold
It can never be sold
Can't ever be bought
Not found in any store.
It's sough out on one's own
With determination to seek it out
By following one's compass
As one embarks on the greatest hunt
Even if it takes a lifetime.
For out there in the world
Everyone is searching high and low
Every day of their lives
For the greatest and rarest treasure
That is known as love.
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 3 2
Jack the Human Reindeer
Jack the Human Reindeer
Had a mane of red
And if you ever saw it
You can even say it blazed.
He never got no Presents
From Santa Clause or his parents
Because they told him
The presents got lost in the mail.
Then he came up with an evil scheme
To ruin everyone's joy
He plotted to ruin Christmas
By using the Lunar Sphere.
Christmas was turned upside down
Jack's face was over ornaments and cookies
Even in the ancient scroll
Jack had totally jacked Christmas
And called it Jackmas.
Then the Xiaolin Warriors
Came to save the day
With Santa in an armored suit
Omi challenging Jack to a showdown
And saving Christmas for everyone.
When his plan fell apart
He was showered in coal
Then Santa decided to punish
Jack for his villanous crime
By making him deliver gifts with him.
Strapped to the front of the line
Wearing reindeer antlers on his head
Jack was going to lead
Santa's sleigh that night.
Then how Jack moaned and growled
As the other reindeer snickered
Jack the human reindeer
You'll go down
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 2 4
Tic Tac Minions! :3 :iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 6 1 Another Christy Hui Message :iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 1 7
Without You
It isn't the same
When your away
Though your always
In my heart and memories
Why do I feel a hole
Starting to grow?
What happened to those days?
When we had all the time in the world
We had lots of time to play
Talking about our favorite things
Where did that all go?
We said a casual how are you
Before we began the game
And saying good night
Before turning in for the night.
Three years pass by
Life delivers obstacles
Those happy days
Conversing and playing
Faded away without warning.
Then one day
Out of the blue
You vanished without a clue
Left me wondering
Where you've gone.
Two months later
You returned
Only to say goodbye
Breaking away
From Deviantart
Embracing reality.
You promised to come back
Five months later
No response after March
Not even to wish me
Happy friendiversary in June.
Where have you gone Khaos
Will I ever hear back
Ever see you again
It just isn't the same
Without you here
My dear friend.
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 4 0
Another Christy Response :iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 2 9

What's More Important to you during Thanksgiving: Being with your loved ones or Freezing your Butt off for Black Friday? 

22 deviants said Thanksgiving with my loved ones
16 deviants said Family and Friends are more important than material goods
6 deviants said Deals Smeals-Thanksgiving is more important.
4 deviants said Freeze my butt off and get trampled to death/sent to hospital/fight over stuff like animals
2 deviants said Undecided.
1 deviant said What was the question?

Anime Milwaukee 2017 is here! :)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 16, 2017, 9:10 PM
Hey guys! It's that time of year again-Anime Milwaukee is here once again and it's the 10th anniversary of the convention since it started back in 2007 at UWMilwaukee. I've been going to the convention since it started and I'm gonna be at it again this year.

For all my friends out there-I'll be keeping contact with you the best I can by android tablet at the convention since I got the deviantart and twitter apps on them. Of course the replies might be a little long or short, still haven't gotten used to typing using just two fingers at a time or so. :D But I will also try to take snapshots and video feed of the convention with the tablet to post on twitter, also will be taking awesome pics on my HP camera too.

Anyway I will be going to the convention at these times and when I should be back at:

Friday: 9am-5/5:30pm
Saturday: 9am-5:30/6pm
Sunday: 9am-3/4pm

Of course it might vary depending on what kind of stuff they'll have the convention and also any misadventure I might get myself in. ^_o  ^_^  ^u^

Anyway I wanted everyone to know in advance so that way you'll know where I'll be and that my replies might be a little show or short.

Yahooo!~ AMKE17!

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